Mr. Todd Walts, MA

Executive Director/CEO

Mr. Walts has a wealth of experience that spans prevention education, small business, corporate management, non-profit leadership and church ministry.  He serves as the Executive Director/CEO of Campus Impact USA and Community Impact Organization helping others to grow in leadership, success, and influence.  Mr. Walts has been speaking about and addressing student issues for more than two decades.  He is considered the go-to expert to assist families who are struggling youth risky behavior or anti-social behavior issues. 

Mr. Walts is a dynamic and fun presenter, speaker and trainer who has presented at national and International conferences in Dallas, TX, Seattle, WA, Myrtle Beach, SC, New Orleans, LA, Cleveland, OH, Atlanta, GA, Columbus, OH, Cincinnati, OH and Savannah, GA.  He has also presented on college campuses, including Georgia Southern University, John Carroll University, and Miami University.  Using a friendly and relational style, Mr. Walts shares tender moments as a springboard for positive change.  He earned his Master of Arts degree in Human Services Counseling and Criminal Justice and his Bachelor of Science degree from Liberty University in Lynchburg, VA.

Mr. Walts is a nationally certified bullying, harassment and intimidation speaker, trainer and expert, dating violence/sexual assault prevention trainer, cyber bullying prevention trainer, a suicide prevention and a violence prevention trainer. Throughout his career, he has had the opportunity to speak to and influence over a million youth with life-changing messages.  He has produced and authored more than forty video discussion starters and prevention curriculum that is used throughout the United States. He is an expert in promoting active bystander behavior as part of a solution to crime, violence, student issues or any injustice.  He completed the nationally accredited Advanced Threat Assessment and Management Academy through Gavin de Becker & Associates (Los Angeles, CA), the nation's premier experts in the assessment, prediction, and management of violence.  Mr. Walts shares his expertise through consulting, speaking engagements, curriculum development, professional development/training sessions, writing, mentoring and coaching groups, and life-coaching sessions. 

He is married to Laura, his wife of 28 years and they have four adult sons, two post-college, a college senior and the youngest is serving our country as a United States Marine.  In their free time, they enjoy "glamping," traveling and watching college baseball games.


Dr. Jomill Wiley

Professional development and conference speaker

With more than 18 years in the field of education, Dr. Wiley has served as a middle/high school English teacher, high school assistant/deputy principal and a middle school principal in urban, urban-suburban and suburban school districts.  Furthermore, Dr. Wiley is a graduate of The Ohio State University (B.S.), Cleveland State University (M.Ed.) and Argosy University at Sarasota (Ed.D.). Milestones notable of mention during her tenure in the workforce include congressional recognition from the state of New York, Outstanding Educator of the Year Award, The Superintendent’s Award and Ohio Department of Education Recognition for Increased Student Achievement. 


Sgt. Chuck Duerré (Ret.)

Conference Speaker/Trainer

Mr. Chuck Duerré has over 25 years of crime prevention experience working with government entities, businesses, civic groups, faith based communities, primary, secondary and higher education groups.  Chuck is a retired police sergeant of 27 years and is the former Director of Campus Safety for a private college. During his tenure as a police officer, he was responsible for the development of a Campus Safety program, which was awarded the “National School Safety Award” by the Safe Schools Advocacy Council. Chuck has been highlighted on both local and regional news shows for his contributions to creating safe school climates. Drawing from his experiences as a police officer, trainings he has received, and as a husband and father, he delivers a powerfully interactive, insightful and at times humorous presentation that engages audience members of all ages.

Chuck has presented to many diverse audiences which include; Law Enforcement agencies, Warren County of Ohio Educational Service Center, Miami University of Ohio, The Ohio State University, Ohio Professional Business Women’s Council, Warren County Safe Schools, numerous high schools and many other local organizations.


Benjamin Crespo and Sarai Siddiqui

Benjamin Crespo aka “B-LED” is a producer, singer/song writer and male lead vocalist and Sarai Siddiqui is  a singer/song writer and female lead vocalist for a nationally acclaimed band called LED or Light Ends Darkness.  

Set out with a mission to light our world through music, sound and visual arts - L-E-D's dynamic vocals provide Pop melodies, Hip Hop, Rock and a Soul inspired production that has made them a staple in today's music industry. L-E-D’s music has a positive yet relevant style for today's teen and college markets.   Ben is able to travel the country telling his powerful and captivating story of defeating the odds by making the right choices. Ben grew up in the crime riddled projects of Puerto Rico and Cleveland, Ohio where he experienced some of the worst conditions imaginable.  He had every excuse to give up on the world and live a life of negativity and crime.  He shares a powerful and impacting story of his teen life where he played the blame game until a life-changing run in with the law. Ben’s life story will impact, inspire and challenge all to understand that "each person has the power to succeed when you make the right choices."     Some of  Ben’s Quotes: “Do the right thing even when it’s inconvenient” “Be part of the solution and not the problem”  “Be the light that ends the darkness”. 

 L-E-D provides an awesome student assembly and concert that will have long lasting impact on your students and school!  L-E-D's dynamic vocals provide Pop melodies, Hip Hop, Rock and a Soul inspired production that has made them a staple in today's music industry. L-E-D music has a positive yet relevant style.  Through a dynamic bullying prevention message from band members and national speakers your students will be challenged to "be the light" and defend against all injustice, including bullying!