2018 Independent Presenter Certification

Campus Impact USA gives you the foundation of knowledge to speak with confidence, authority and authenticity.

  • Do you want to be part of a professional movement with 17 years of successful experience to provide positive and safe schools? 
  • Do you have a passion to pour value into the lives of teens and youth to prevent bullying, cyber bullying, prescription drug abuse and heroin addiction, dating abuse and more?
  • Do you have the desire to be the change in the world by developing student leaders?  
  • Do you want to be in a position to plant the seeds of success and promote kindness for others?  

Become a part of the Campus Impact movement....

We bring together three powerful forces that will bring significant change to any school environment:  

1)  An exceptional foundation of knowledge of critical topics,

2)  A focus on personal and professional growth for you, the presenter, and

3)  A focus on developing student leaders to develop other student leaders to collectively act as the agents of change.

What Educators Say.....


A safe school is not about a one time assembly, one person or one story.  

Providing a safe environment and changing behavior is a process of developing character and changing the mindset of all students. The Campus Impact USA program has successfully developed this character development process and impacted the lives of students in schools and communities since 1999.  Now this successful program has been formatted into a presenter training program to share this success with caring adults who desire to positively impact the lives of students throughout the country.  Use the 18 years of success and influence that Campus Impact USA has created to change your community and school.

As a certified independent Campus Impact USA Speaker and Trainer you will be licensed to use the Campus Impact USA name and designed programs to provide services in your school or to multiple schools in your area. This training is the right choice for educators, counselors and resource officers within a school to provide relevant and impactful programs for students. It is also a successful program for community members, organizations or churches with a passion to provide relevant and impactful programs to many schools and communities through partnerships.