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Mac Kelly

Independent Provisionally Certified Campus Impact USA Presenter and Trainer

Pontiac, Michigan

My primary profession has been radio and television where I was syndicated across the country.  I created and produced a nationally syndicated family-friendly television show for the Retro Television Network as Wolfman Mac, where I hosted vintage monster movies from 2006-2015.  In addition, I was on air radio talent for 30 years working in every music genre known to man.

I am using my talent and experience to speak to youth after reading about a young lady in a nearby school district who was being bullied. She arrived home after school, went to her bedroom and took her own life. I thought, "somebody needs to do something about this" and I decided to be that somebody.   During the Fall, 2017 I had the privilege of speaking to over 5,000 students at 19 different schools as part of the "Don't Be a Monster" Halloween anti-bullying initiative. 

I use an engaging, relevant style to present to all ages. I also speak to teachers, youth workers, and parents. My philosophy is that we need to move from "just ignore them" to a more involved approach at home and in schools to stop the issue of bullying. 

I am provisionally certified through Campus Impact USA and the Campus Impact program is based on research. I believe that each of us have the opportunity to change and perhaps save lives. 

"Mac was very relatable to the students." - Nanci Gelsey, West Bloomfield, MI

Contact me at (248) 653-4995 or