Mentoring and Coaching Group to Assist Parents of Children Who Are Bullied.

A mentoring and coaching group is a place where parents can receive support and be empowered to help a child who is being bullied.  Frequently, we need someone to talk to and receive support from others who have been through bullying.  The mentoring and coaching group is part information sharing and teaching to equip and empower parents to work with their child and their school.  It is also part Q & A where you can ask the expert moderator specific questions that will help you.  The group occurs through a conference call format.  After the registration process you will receive the schedule of calls (usually calls occur twice a month) and the access information.  The mentoring and coaching group is a safe community designed to help parents #StandTogether.  The cost for membership in this group is $10 per teaching and Q & A call paid in quarterly memberships.

Register for Group Mentoring and Coaching

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The Parent Mentoring and Coaching Group is led by Mr. Todd Walts who has over two decades of experience addressing bullying issues through schools, working with students and empowering parents. His down to earth no-nonsense communication style helps all participants to feel comfortable.  He has a passion to help anyone experiencing the injustice of bullying.