2017 Faith Based Independent Presenter Certification

Impact your community AND grow your youth group!

Community Impact Organization created the Campus Impact program to give you the foundation of knowledge to speak with confidence, authority and authenticity about school issues from a faith-based perspective.

  • Do you want to be part of a professional movement with 17 years of successful evaluated experience to provide positive and safe schools from a faith-based perspective? 
  • Do you have a passion to pour value into the lives of teens and youth to prevent bullying, cyber bullying, prescription drug abuse and heroin addiction, dating abuse and more?
  • Do you have the desire to be the change in the world by developing student leaders that can help grow your youth group? 


We bring together three powerful forces that will bring significant change to any school environment:  

1)  Exceptional knowledge of critical topics with a biblical foundation,

2)  A focus on personal and professional growth for you, the presenter/trainer, and

3)  A focus on developing student leaders to develop other student leaders to collectively act as the agents of change in schools and to grow your youth group.

What Educators Say.....



Providing a safe environment and changing behavior is a process of developing character and changing the mindset of all students. The Campus Impact program has successfully developed this character development process, using biblical foundations and impacted the lives of students in schools and communities since 1999.  Now this successful program has been formatted into a presenter training program to share this success with caring adults who desire to positively impact the lives of students throughout the country.  Use the 17 years of success and influence that Campus Impact has created to change your community and school and to grow your youth group!

As a certified independent Campus Impact Presenter you will be licensed to use the Campus Impact name and designed programs to provide services in your school or to multiple schools in your area. This training is the right choice for youth pastors, youth ministry volunteers, youth directors a passion to provide relevant and impactful programs to many schools and communities through partnerships all based on biblical principles. 

To become a certified independent Campus Impact presenter we will train you and equip you in the content areas that affect most schools in the country through in depth best practices training in: 

  • Bullying Prevention, 
  • Relational Aggression Prevention,
  • Cyber Bullying Prevention, 
  • Dating Abuse and Violence Prevention, 
  • Developing Student Leaders Around You,
  • Stand Against Injustice:  Empowering Students to Be Agents of Change 
  • Prescription Drug Abuse and Heroin Abuse Prevention, 
  • Social Media: Safe and Positive Use,
  • Sexting Prevention,
  • and Character Education.

Professional Development Training for you as a presenter is also provided.  The PDT is based on the training of Dr. John Maxwell, former pastor and influential business expert.  The following sessions are part of your training that is provided by a Certified John Maxwell Team Member to develop you as a speaker, presenter and leader:

  • Everyone Communicates, Few Connect.
  • The 15 Invaluable Laws of Growth.
  • Developing the Student Leaders Around You.

Ongoing professional development is included in the first year of certification and available throughout your Campus Impact journey.

The training also includes:  

  • Presenting, Public Speaking, and Story Telling, 
  • Personal Leadership Development,
  • School Safety and Threat Assessment, 
  • Mental Health and Warning Signs, 
  • Successfully Working with Schools,
  • Best Practices in Prevention Education, 
  • Business Practices,
  • and One Year of Mentoring and Coaching.

The Campus Impact USA training/teaching team includes:

  • Mr. Todd Walts, MA, Executive Director, Community Impact Organization, Campus Impact USA CEO, public speaker, trainer, prevention expert and Internationally Certified John Maxwell Team Speaker, Trainer and Coach and a former youth pastor.
  • Dr. Jomill Wiley, retired school principal, education and prevention expert and public speaker.
  • Ms. Susan Fee, MA, PCC, professional mental health counselor, public speaker, and prevention expert.
  • Sgt. Chuck Duerre', retired law enforcement officer, public speaker, prevention and campus safety expert.

This training is a combination of online individual study and a two and half day live event training to be held in Summer, 2017.  Now through February 15, 2017 we are offering the following Founding Member Special:

As a Founding Member/Trainer you will receive the following:

  • 50% off the Training Fee of $4995.00.  Your cost is only:  $2,495.00*, and includes:
  • Two and a half day live training with our faculty.*
  • Training Material, including over 8 hours of self-paced instructional video/training sessions.
  • First year of mentorship/coaching FREE!
  • FREE 6 week video based Bible Study for your youth group!
  • A series of 9 ready to use and tested presentations for your first year.
  • Circle of F.R.I.E.N.D.S. curriculum and program.
  • The Campus Safety Program.
  • Personalized Web Page on the Community Impact Organization website (one per team).
  • Online streaming access to 26 video discussion starters for classroom and presentation use.
  • In addition to the exceptional mentoring and coaching from the faculty you also have access to a closed Facebook page for all Campus Impact presenters from around the country so you can share your successes and support one another.
  • 12 professionally designed posters that you can reprint for free!

Your Cost:  $2,495* that's valued at$7,985!

If you are interested in training a team of 3 people from your church to work with your group we are offering a limited time training fee of $4,995 for all 3 (must be part of the same church working together in the same area utilizing the same web page and contact information).

*The cost of food, lodging or transportation are not included. 

The training is valuable for youth pastors, youth ministry workers and volunteers from churches to provide the Campus Impact program as a service or outreach for many schools.

To reserve a seat click here. Limited Seats are available and will be approved based on the information you provide in your email.  All Pre-training work/video modules should be completed before the live training.

Summer live training dates and locations will be sent to you upon registration completion.

For more information call 440-864-2011 or email us at info@thecampusimpact.com.

Community Impact Organization is a faith-based non-profit 501(c)3 organization.