About Us

The violence at the Columbine High School campus in 1999 sparked a movement across the United States to provide safe campuses for education.  The need to expand grew as violence erupted on college campuses and in the workplace.  Using best practices and programs based on research Campus Impact USA works with students, staff, and employees to work jointly to provide the safe environment needed for success.  Everyone chooses a role, you are either part of the problem or part of the solution.  We equip and empower people to choose to be part of the solution. 


Provide best practices programs based on research to provide student leadership development programs and prevention programs, including, bullying prevention, cyber bullying prevention, relational aggression prevention, dating abuse and sexual assault prevention and prescription drug and heroin addiction prevention.

Develop other leaders through our independent presenter certification program to multiply the impact of students around the country.  Call 440-986-0236 for more information about becoming a certified independent Campus Impact USA presenter.